The EP we set out to release last winter is now available.

We are still in the works to release our next record in early 2015, these tracks just needed to get out from the vault. 


"We pushed off the shore to set sail that day; I aimed to shrug off my cares.

With wind on my face, my life with the Fates, I breathed in the cool ocean air.

The weather was fair with birds in the sky, and my crew - they would heed every word.

But as time passed by, the birds did not fly, and weather took turn for the worse.

But still we pushed on.  We pushed on and on.  We pushed on and on and on.

We pushed on so long, we saw light from the dawn, and soon I heard a sickly song:

The shoreline is gone, along with my home, and damage is done to the hull.

Will the captain dive down to the depths with his ship, as soon as the vessel is full?

Inside the craft the water would seek, to fill up the ship and my lungs.

So no longer then would I breath ocean air, but rather I'd inhale the sea.

The skiff that we had held room for just one, so my crew they would all die in vain.

For at sight of land, I took skiff in hand, and oared 'fore daylight fade.

When I set foot on land, I did lay on the sand, and thank God for bringing the isle.

Still, smoke I did make, and flags I did raise, lest I be lost and exiled.

And so I carried on.  Carried on and on.  I did burn wood long into the night.

I sent signals so long I saw light from the dawn, but ne'er saw ship at the isle!

Now the shoreline's long lost, along with my home, and damage was done to the hull.

The captain dive not to the depths with his ship, but rather he'd save his own soul.

Now I rue the days I spend stuck in dismay, and curse God for bringing the isle!

Given the choice now, I would surely have drown, than live with myself in exile!"

Allegories In Rhythm

by The Quiet Cull

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Allegories In Rhythm

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    [Lyrics] Dialogue 03:13
  2. 2
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    [Lyrics] Vagabonds & Vagrants 03:44
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    [Lyrics] Sunk 04:42
  4. 4
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    [Lyrics] The Id 03:04
  5. 5
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    [Lyrics] Sleep Waltz 04:08
  6. 6
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    [Lyrics] Pilate 04:36
  7. 7
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    [Lyrics] Believe Me, I'm Lying 03:37
  8. 8
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    [Lyrics] Feeding Fires 03:35
  9. 9
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    [Lyrics] All The Kings Horses 04:46
  10. 10
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    [Lyrics] The Quiet Cull 04:22